Hey gorgeous and welcome to Living with Dee! I am thrilled to have you here and I know we will become great friends on this journey together. Here we will talk about beauty, makeup, skincare, fashion and everything else that may spark our interest. If you are new to Living with Dee I hope to help you get to know me.

So shall we start at the beginning? I’ve always had an interest in makeup, in fact I’ve been wearing it since middle school. Maybe not as much as what I wear now lol. I wasn’t a great make up artist then and I’m STILL not now. I wouldn’t even call myself a makeup artist. I’m just a girl who loves makeup, trying to figure out what works for me. But aren’t we all? Fast forward to my high school and early 20s and my confidence has grown in my makeup schools. Thanks to the Internet and many of my friends I wanted to show everyone! Thanks to the power of Instagram I can.

Fast forward to the year 2018 and my friend presents me the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for her company at the time. This was a brand new experience all around for me, but it opened my eyes to something I never knew existed. Helping to represent her company I started to see the “blogging world”.

A year later Living with Dee was born. I was no longer a brand ambassador but I knew I had to do something more and bigger for myself and others. I started getting comments and direct messages about what I was wearing, my makeup and to work with people. On top of this I realized I didn’t see anyone who LOOKED like me – I don’t just mean race wise. I struggle with PCOS so to some I’m mid-size and to certain doctors I’m obese for my age. Out of all the “influencers” I seen and on the explore page I didn’t see anyone who resembled me so I decided to become one. I may not be the perfect page but I learn every day.

So that’s me. I was born De’Shilee but I prefer to be called Dee by friends..which I hope we will be. I was born November 2nd just around the corner from Halloween, so this is one my favorite holidays. I am the oldest of 2 sisters and an adopted brother. When I’m not working or blogging I spend time with my boyfriend Kevin and his sister Danielle. I love Netflix (my latest addiction is Greenleaf), reading and enjoying the scenario of my latest home. I was born in North Carolina, raised in Pittsburgh and recently moved to Virginia (hope to be our forever home).

Thanks for learning a little bit about me and hopefully you’ll learn more as you stick around.

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