Stay home and then what?

All anyone can talk about right now is COVID-19 and when itโ€™s going to end. Unfortunately this virus was unforeseen and everyone having to be quarantined to prevent exposure was as well. We are all in this together though. The best we can do is make positive of a negative situation. While the CDC gave us great ways to take pre-cautions and limit exposure, they failed to help us stay occupied. I hope I can help with this! So what is there to do?

1. Spring cleaning ๐ŸŒธ

Now I know what your thinking. Why would I want to clean more after all the constant hand-washing and wiping down counters. Being stuck in the house is the perfect time to clean out your closet. Take this time and sort through the clothes that donโ€™t fit or the ones you never wear. These clothes can be donated to a local clothing store (such as Goodwill). Donโ€™t forget to clean out the rest of your house for other items that are being kept that are never used!

2. Read a book ๐Ÿ“š

Whether you are finishing a book that youโ€™ve been meaning to (ahem this is for me) or starting a new book. Reading is a great way to relax and escape for a brief moment. If physical books is not something you can get into try an e-book. Platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Nook or Google Play books make it possible for you to read books electronics. I multitask and read books in physical and electronically! If you find you cannot get into either of those you can also listen to audible books. For my locals you can access free audiobooks from the Carnegie Library.

3. Catch up on TV shows ๐Ÿ“บ

I am the worst I staying caught up with any show on TV. Movies? Forget about it. You have to drag me there or Iโ€™ll never see it. With no place to go besides from the couch to the bed (and the kitchen for fun), now you can watch TV. Tackle that mile long list on Netflix or Hulu. Watch that movie that youโ€™ve been meaning to watch but never had that time. For someone who doesnโ€™t watch TV often I use every streaming service because once I watch an episode I binge it. So hereโ€™s a few recommendations if you are looking for something new!

  • The Office (9 seasons) – Netflix
  • Locke & Key (1 season) – Netflix
  • A Quiet Place (movie) – Hulu
  • A Simple Favor (movie) – Amazon Prime
  • Godfather of Harlem (1 season) – Amazon Prime

4. Exercise ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ

Gyms being closed does not mean the grind stop. Continue those work outs at home or outside if you need fresh air. The government advices this is self as long as you are still practicing self distancing from others. Not sure of what to do at home? Look into some home work out videos on YouTube. I have started doing Insanity myself since Iโ€™m not comfortable in the gyms. I also recommend yoga or pilates to keep the stress and anxiety down from all the uncertainty of the news.

Being stuck in the house doesnโ€™t necessarily mean you are stuck with nothing to do. What has kept you occupied during quarantine? Leave a comment of how you are staying busy ๐Ÿ’•

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