My Daily Makeup Routine 💋

1. Primer

The first step in my make up routine is always applying primer. In my eyes the key to any make up is having a good primer – it is the foundation that holds everything together. For me the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer is the holy grail of primers. When applied it leaves a tacky finish that gives the skin a natural glow but also keeps your make up lasting for hours! *Tip: I set my primer in the oiliest spots on my faces with setting powder. Doing this helps give me a natural finish on my make up and also keeps my makeup from looking oily*

2. Setting Powder

Next is setting powder. I’m new to using setting powder but I regret not trying it sooner. Not only do I set my primer with powder after I apply my foundation I apply powder again in my T-zone where I am the oiliest. It makes my foundation look even more natural. I use the KVD Vegan Beauty Setting Powder in Translucent. I like that it’s translucent so it’s easy for me to blend into my makeup for a flawless look. I can carry it with me and touch up through the day if my face gets oily and brush away since there is no color. In the future I’ll start to look into a powder close to my skin shade.

3. Eye Primer

Eye primer is another addition new to my collection this year. Priming my eyes before my eyeshadow allows for a smoother blend and last longer without creasing. I use P. Louise Base in 04. I warm the base on the back of my hand then apply to my lid with a dry beauty blender. Using a beauty blender allows me to get an even application across my lid.

4. Eyeshadow

Next is my every day eyeshadow from Morphe. The 9T Neutral Territory palette has the perfect nudes to wear for an every day look or for you to give a little spice if you are going out. I use the same 4 shades for my every day look but there is no bad shade combination with this palette.

5. Eyeliner

After eyeshadow I apply eyeliner. The Fenty Beauty Flyliner makes creating a winged liner a thing of ease. The pen is easy to hold on to and glides on smooth. The formula also dries fast, long wearing and water resistant.

6. Mascara

Followed by eyeliner I like to add a little more attention to my eyes with mascara. I use the It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara. I’ve been using this mascara for maybe 2-3 years after getting a free sample. I only need about 2-3 coats and it lengths my lashes but gives them so much volume.

7. Color Corrector

This step is optional depending on the pigmentation of your skin and you may use a different type of corrector. Since I have dark circles under my eyes from genetics and with my medical condition of PCOS I get a small amount of hair growth around my mouth. I focus on these areas with the Dragun Beauty DragunFire Skin Perfecting Potion. This is an orange color corrector that helps cover dark pigmentation such as dark circles, bruises and the shadow caused by hair growth. Depending on what you are trying to correct you may not use an orange corrector you may use a different color.

8. Foundation

Not the last step but certainly crucial is laying the foundation. Having a foundation that works for your skin type while giving you the outcome you look for is very important. For me I have oily skin so I need a base that is compatible with my skin and will last for hours of excessive oiliness whole still giving me the natural look I hope for. Smashbox Studio Skin 24-Hour Oil Free Hydra Foundation does just that. The formula is rich and creamy but light weight making it easy for me to apply and blend out with a brush.

9. Concealer

Concealer is one of my favorite things about makeup because it can be used for many things. You can use it to conceal, contour or brighten and that is so amazing to me! If I can get my moneys worth from a product I’ll take 2. The L.A. Girl PRO Conceal help me to conceal on top of my color corrector as well as as to brighten. The brand is also inexpensive and can be found almost everywhere. I use the shades Chestnut (to conceal) and Medium Beige (to brighten). I apply them both on top of each under the eye and blend together to give the perfect application of natural radiance.

10. Setting Spray

A good setting spray keeps your look lasting. For me the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist helps my make up last for hours but is also very light-weight upon applying. There is no heavy aerosol smell. Once I’m done with my makeup I spray the mist about 6 inches from my face and take a brush/beauty blender and dab it into my skin.

11. Lipstick/Lipgloss

For my every day look I like something neutral and this lip combo gives me the perfect nude that I want; whether used together or separate. I start with a clean surface on my lips by using the Fenty Beauty Lip-Loving Scrubstick to remove any dead skin. For lipstick I love to use a matte formula from Mac in the shade Velvet Teddy. This shade is a deep-tone beige and perfect for stand alone or to wear with a gloss. I pair with a gloss from Kylie Cosmetics in the shade Like. This gloss is a warm mocha brown. Both colors are stunning nudes on their own but combined together have become my signature go to.

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