I Matter

I can’t even begin to put into words everything that has been happening. If the unnecessary death of George Floyd opened your eyes I am glad. Racism is not something new that just showed up. It is very much alive in our world – my world. It is something that some of us have to experience every day. Having to fear for your life because you were born black will never be okay.

As humans it shouldn’t take something to impact you directly for you to know that black people being brutally murdered for just existing is wrong. So how do we change it? Start by making the changes in your life. Stand up when you see racism right in front of you. Sharing a post on social media is not enough and will never be enough. Educate others when you see them doing racist acts or saying racist things. Break the cycle.

Please remember that when this no longer has media attention it is still happening. It’s still OUR responsibility to do everything in our power to make a change.


A Young Black Women

Please join me and help sign the petition to help get justice for George Floyd.