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The death of George Floyd and unfortunately many black people like him has finally started to open the eyes of people that racism is very alive and present. Over the past several days across my social media platforms I’ve seen people I follow be shocked that they were not aware that they were also contributing to this. I’m happy that this has made a lot of people share very talented black businesses, creators and others alike that deserve to be recognized. But what happens when this is no longer in the media eye or loses speed on the internet.

I wanted to put together a blog post of black owned businesses and the services they offer because as we can see it is very easy for black owned creators to be lost in the background. I just want us to continue to share the light on these amazing black creators in the industry and support them. Support comes in many forums for businesses. When funds are not available just by liking, commenting or sharing a post helps gets attention as well as following if you really love what that person does.

Devy’s Delights 🍬

Devy’s Delights is a custom dessert business. Located in Memphis, Tennessee this company I’m proud to say is ran by my best friend Develyn. Devy’s Delights has a vast menu of treats from candied grapes to cheesecakes. If you are looking for something for a special occasion she has packages for that too!

Keisha’s Vanity 💄

Keisha’s Vanity ran by the beautiful Keisha herself is based in Atlanta, Georgia with some traveling dates to Pittsburgh. Keisha’s Vanity services include make up, customized wigs and other hair services, as well as micro-shading!

Inscentive 🕯

Inscentive is for all your smell good needs! De’Shawna is the owner for this great company making candles that I’ve never seen before! Each candle and incense has a unique fragrance that is unmatched. I’ve heard nothing but good things and cannot wait to add the candles to my collection.

Joi 📹💄

Joi has so many talents that she never ceases to amaze me. She is a self-taught make up artist and runs her own YouTube channel that makes you feel like you are just hanging with a girlfriend talking make up. On top of this she is the co-founder ToiBoxx. ToiBoxx is a lip gloss line ran by two women giving you shades I never thought I needed in a gloss. Their gloss embody all a girl could want – no stickiness!

Live Queenly Boutique 👑

Live Queenly Boutique is a company I’ve mentioned several times on my Instagram. I’ve had to pleasure of purchasing hair bundles and a couple pair of lashes and satisfied is an understatement. From start to finish I received amazing customer service. I received my product always within the time frame. I got a direct message on Instagram on top of the included tips with the product letting me know how to take care of my hair and to reach out if I had any questions. The lashes are so beautiful even though I haven’t quite mastered putting them on lol.


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  1. I love this! It’s so important to support black-owned businesses. I actually follow some of these accounts already as well and will be checking out the ones I don’t. Great post!

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