We moved to Virginia 😄!

If you’ve kept up with me on Instagram/Twitter for the past month I’ve been teasing a HUGE announcement. Well the cat is finally out of the bag – me and my boyfriend Kevin finally moved to Virginia. This has been a 4 year in the making plan that this year we finally decided to execute.

Question: Why Virginia?

Kevin’s older sister lives in Rocky Mount, Virginia – which is where we moved to. Within the first few months of our relationship Kevin visited his sister and brought me with him. As nerve racking as it was to meet family so early on we were inseparable lol. Virginia also felt like home for us immediately upon arriving. I get a sense of peace being here that I have not felt since being in North Carolina where I was born.

Question: What was the moving process like during a pandemic?

Moving is never my favorite thing but I will say this one went according to plan, as much as possible. We packed our 2 bedroom apartment ourselves and drove 6 hours in a U-Haul towing our car. With the help of our family and friends the loading and unloading of the truck made this process a lot easier on us. Moving to another state or in the future we will hire movers or ship our belongings though.

Question: What will you do for work?

Both Kevin and I work for health insurance companies. We are both blessed enough to be able to keep our jobs. I am also in school online for my business management degree and can continue to take classes in the state of Virginia.

At this time we are both enjoying the surroundings that we can now call our new home.