Invest In Your Skin(care)

As we enter a new year one of the most common resolutions is to take better care of our skin. Our skin is the largest human organ. As such, it is only right we take the proper care of it.

Vanity Planet Skin Care Fridge

One of my greatest investments in 2020 was getting a skin care fridge (thank you Kevin). The biggest questions I get is are they worth and what do you keep it in? While getting a skin care fridge is not a necessity since most products don’t require refrigeration. However, several beauty manufacturers recommend that skin care products be stored between 45-50 degrees. The temperature helps to main product consistency, reduce the risk of growing bacteria and increase the expiration of your products.

What to put in your fridge

Eye Masks

Pixi Beauty, DetoxifEYE – $24


Olehenriksen, Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum – $65


Pixi Beauty, Glow Tonic – $18
Heritage Store, Rosewater Facial Toner – $11.79

SPF Products

Black Girl Sunscreen – $15.99

You can certainly choose to save money and put your current products in your actual fridge. I did this once I learned the benefits of keeping my products refrigerated. I like the idea of keeping my food separate from these products, especially when one does not live alone. Just like the fridge in your kitchen, a skin care fridge can range in all shapes and price ranges. I linked my current one purchased from Walmart as well as some of the current items stocked in mine. Here is to good skin all 2021!

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