Lashes speak louder than words

Hey gorgeous! They say pictures are worth a thousand words right? Well that’s how I feel about certain facial features, specifically lashes! Our eyes are the windows to our souls so why not make them look as beautiful as can be 🤩.

If you are not completely familiar here is some background. Eyelash extensions is a (non-invasive) cosmetic application that enhances the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of the natural eyelash.



Q: What to expect when getting lash extensions?

A: Expect to be sitting/laying still for 2-3 hours depending on the style of lash you get. The process will be the easiest thing you do. Your lash tech will separate each individual lash and glues a false lash onto it. This process is completely painless.


Q: How often do you get them filled?

A: I go every 2-3 weeks, no longer than 3. This can depend on your lash cycle and preference of lash style. A typical lash fill can be anywhere between every 2-4 weeks.

Q: How do you clean them?

A: I use a lash bath from Sinful Lashes. I clean my lashes twice a week and always after wearing makeup. You can see how I clean them in my IGTV video here.

Q: Do you apply lash serum once or twice a day?

A: Per the recommended instructions of Grande Cosmetics, I apply the GrandeLash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum once a day. I apply first thing in morning after washing my face and/or lashes.

Q: Can you wear makeup?

A: Yes! With lash extensions you need to use avoid using oil based products.

I’ve only been getting lash extensions for 3 months but I absolutely love them. I go to Crystal with Fine Diva Lashes. I started with the Hybrid set which is a mix of classic and volumes fans. It gives the appearance of a natural look with a bite of drama. I now get a light volume which is all volume fans. It’s a lot fuller look without being overwhelming.

Feel free to send me any other questions regarding lash extensions.