Dermalogica Precleanse And Special Cleansing Gel Review

Hey loves! At the beginning of February I talked on Instagram stories of my struggle to find a face wash to match my new skin-care needs. I have extremely oily skin but with the wrong facial cleanser it can get dried out. This winter my T-Zone area got extremely dried out due to the change of climate area and I was not able to find something to remedy this. Adding to this problem I have lash extensions, so finding an oil free cleanser that can meet my needs is a challenge to say the least!

After seeing reviews and a few of my faves raving I purchased the Double Cleanse Set from Ulta for $10 back in January. This set is travel size so it was designed for me test out of the products.

February 6th – Before


I will say I never thought to add a step before actually washing my face. If you follow skin-care Twitter/YouTube double cleansing is a game changer!

The precleanse is a light weight cleansing oil used to purify your pores and deep clean residual products that can build up on the skin through the day. While this is not a necessary step, after incorporating it into my nightly skincare routine I would highly recommend it. The precleanse removed makeup I’ve worn all day (without using a makeup wipe), dirt, sweat and oil that accumulated.


As listed on Ulta Beauty

Special Cleansing Gel

The best way to describe the special cleansing gel is “A little goes a long way.” I’m not a huge fan of gel facial cleansers but this one does it for me! The formula is extremely light weight and gentle enough to use both day and night. The calming balm mint and lavender extracts help soothe the skin without any irritation.


As listed on Ulta Beauty
February 23 – After

Key Points:

  • 10/10 would recommend. My face has never felt cleaner using these products and it does not dry my skin out
  • It is pricey. The precleanse retails for $45 while the special cleansing gel 8.4 oz is $39. I don’t mind investing in my skin, for those who don’t want to spend as much you can definitely do look into finding a cheaper alternative
  • After 2 weeks I noticed the difference in my skin as far as how it was much more hydrated. After a month I noticed the areas where I have hyperpigmentation are starting to fade

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