Summer Essentials ☀️

The first official day of summer maybe June 20th but Mother Nature has clearly stated otherwise! Since the weather has been in the 80s and for some of us pushing close to the 90s I thought it was only fitting to share my essential for the summertime! I love the warmer weather but it can be overwhelming if you are not prepared for it. Summer preparation does not always apply to our wardrobes either.

Dee’s Summerssentials

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I cannot stress the importance of wearing some form of SPF. If I don’t influence you to do to anything I hope it’s to start incorporating SPF into your daily routine. I used to only wear sunscreen during summer because why would I wear it at any other time. We are wrong! The sun is always out which means our skin ALWAYS needs protection from those harsh UV rays. There are so many benefits to SPF: reducing the risk of skin cancer, protection against sunburn, prevention of early wrinkles, and helping to avoid hyperpigmentation. I’ve been using Black Girl Sunscreen for almost a year and I get no white cast when applying and my skin is noticeably improved around the eyes and areas where I did have hyperpigmentation.


What says summer better that a good pair of sandals. There are so many styles and the new trend are these chic slid sandals. Sandals are super comfy and go with everything! You can go from the BBQ to the pool easily.

Beach bag

Who doesn’t love a good bag; it brings the entire outfit together. Summer is all about a good beach bag that is both aesthetically pleasing but is manageable for everything need for the trip.


Who loves short shorts!? Now I do. Now and forever we are embracing our bodies so those shorts you’ve been wanting; WEAR THEM. Stay tuned I’ll be sharing where I buy my favorite shorts from 😉.


Last but not least we can’t enjoy summer without a good pair of sunglasses. I constantly change my glasses cause I love different styles but there is nothing like that go to pair for daily wear.

Do you have a summer must have? Let me hear what it is in the comments.

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