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Hi friends – Long time, no talk I know. I am guilty of completely disappearing when a lot is happening for me but this time it was for nothing but good things. If you haven’t been following on the socials, here’s the latest:


I couldn’t wait to share this great news with all my internet besties. Of course I had to answer all your burning questions. After being engaged for less than a year, we decided that a big ceremony was just not for us. We opted for a very intimate courthouse wedding and loved every moment.

The Randolphs, 05/12/23

Frequently Asked

What made you skip a big wedding?

Anytime we talked about marriage, a big wedding was never the vision. I know it’s a lifetime memory but neither of us could justify spending thousands of dollars on one day. I also got extremely overwhelmed just thinking of planning a wedding when our families live in different cities. So we decided to just go to the courthouse.

Why didn’t you pick one of the wedding dresses?

We all know I love shopping lol! One thing I wanted to experience was shopping for a wedding dress. I knew once we set the date for the wedding that I wanted a simple white dress that made me feel beautiful, comfortable and didn’t break the bank! I did fall in love with 1 dress when I went shopping but it was extremely pricey. I found a practical dress on Amazon that I felt beautiful in.

Where did you honeymoon?

So we actually didn’t go on a honeymoon. On top of normal wedding planning stress, I had finals the week we got married. We decided to take a weekend trip to Miami and plan something at a later date.

What traditions did you keep?

We did the first look and I’m so glad we did. We got ready in separate rooms and saw each other for the first time before we completed our license. It was a magical moment I wasn’t prepared for.

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