Lashes speak louder than words

Hey gorgeous! They say pictures are worth a thousand words right? Well that’s how I feel about certain facial features, specifically lashes! Our eyes are the windows to our souls so why not make them look as beautiful as can be 🀩. If you are not completely familiar here is some background. Eyelash extensions is … Continue reading Lashes speak louder than words

Shop skin care fridges πŸ’«

Hey friends! After such an amazing response on social media from my last post I thought it was time we shopped together. If you missed it, that’s okay - you can read Invest In Your Skin(Care) now and come back πŸ˜‰. My current skin care fridge was a birthday gift but I did do research. … Continue reading Shop skin care fridges πŸ’«

Invest In Your Skin(care)

As we enter a new year one of the most common resolutions is to take better care of our skin. Our skin is the largest human organ. As such, it is only right we take the proper care of it. Vanity Planet Skin Care Fridge One of my greatest investments in 2020 was getting a … Continue reading Invest In Your Skin(care)