How to achieve golden hour ✨

Have you ever tried to achieve that perfect “golden hour” glow? Yes me too. Golden hour is that perfect amount of sunshine we get from our friend the sun right before the sun sets every day. But this time period is crucial. So who has time to waste taking 10000 photos and not liking any... Continue Reading →


We moved to Virginia 😄! If you’ve kept up with me on Instagram/Twitter for the past month I’ve been teasing a HUGE announcement. Well the cat is finally out of the bag - me and my boyfriend Kevin finally moved to Virginia. This has been a 4 year in the making plan that this year... Continue Reading →

Black Owned ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

The death of George Floyd and unfortunately many black people like him has finally started to open the eyes of people that racism is very alive and present. Over the past several days across my social media platforms I’ve seen people I follow be shocked that they were not aware that they were also contributing... Continue Reading →

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