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Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from us to you. This year may look different but I hope you shared it with those who loved you! 💫

Gift Guides for Men

Calling all my ladies! This post is speaking directly for you. Men say we are the hardest to shop for but have you ever had to shop for a man!? God it’s like watching paint dry lol. Well I picked out some good items to help get the gift giving process started for that hunk in your life 💙 *Will…

How to achieve golden hour ✨

Have you ever tried to achieve that perfect “golden hour” glow? Yes me too. Golden hour is that perfect amount of sunshine we get from our friend the sun right before the sun sets every day. But this time period is crucial. So who has time to waste taking 10000 photos and not liking any of them? Not I, that’s…