Shop with me 🛍

Hey there 👋🏾! A few weeks ago I asked the Instagram fam what they were currently shopping for and I’m here to deliver. If you aren’t a part of the fam yet, don’t worry it’s never to late to join - IG: livingwithdee_. Just think of me as your Internet bestie ☺️. I always need … Continue reading Shop with me 🛍

#PrimeDay : Oct 13-14th 📦

Whoo hoo, It's Amazon Prime Day! For those who don't know what that is let me explain. Every year Amazon has a deal event just for Prime members. This annual event offers INCREDIBLE savings on products. These are the best 1-2 days (beside Black Friday) to save money buying a gift for everyone. These deals … Continue reading #PrimeDay : Oct 13-14th 📦